Hey Mom, everything alright? (Convo with Robin Wood) Part 2

Episode 49. Welcome to Part 2 of the conversation with my mom, Robin Wood. In this episode, you get to hear my mom's faith journey. She shares about growing up in an abusive environment, her experience with church as a kid, going from atheism to faith, wanting to give her kids something more than she had, her journey between two churches, and where her faith is now. Robin is also very candid about a situation in her journey that rocked our area and caused a crisis for many, including our family. We deep dive into that story. (If you know, then you know. If not, then you don't want to miss it.) We also talk about how she rebuilt her life as a business owner and how it brings her excitement everyday. This episode is very real and honest. Part 3 and 4 coming next week. Enjoy!


Content warning: In this episode, the topic of suicide is mentioned. The discussion does not go into great detail or at any length, but the topic is mentioned as someone processes their story of pain and isolation. 


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